Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Melbourne Candid Series #313 De Graves St


The usual over-priced alley snap. A little twist with motion blur 

I have sided with Instagram style street shots that do not show people's faces clearly. This is actually considered as a taboo in street photography. But I notice every wrong style is now acceptable - thanks to smart phone prevalence. 

Sony A7RIV

Laowa 9mm f5.6

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  1. Te ha quedado muy bien con el desenfoque de movimiento.

  2. Fascination street photo with slow shutter speed and high contrast. People can't be identified, but as you say, that is one style.

  3. Good photo! Sometimes I show the faces of people; it adds interest. But it’s best if they are not identifiable by computer, so showing them in profile, for instance, is probably preferable to straight on. I try to preserve the privacy of other people’s children because you just never know what their situation is.

    And some people get very upset if they see someone taking pictures of children. I have seen people expressing concern on Facebook that someone did this. I think people are paranoid about kidnapping and such.

  4. I am unsure about the need for clear faces, but somehow I think I prefer them that way! Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. Cool shot - looks very on the go

  6. Sometimes by accidental shots are my best abstract good shots.

  7. good trick and technique....