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Melbourne Candid Series #366 Queen St, Melbourne


The casting shadow of grid on their faces 

Sony A7RIV

FE 135mm f1.8 GM

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Friday, June 23, 2023

Melbourne Candid Series #365 Lygon Street Carlton


Lygon Street pub corner 

Rather bustling atmosphere in this dying part of town 

Sony A7RV

FE 14mm f1.8 GM

I come across this argument in a local street photography forum "Edit or no edit" 

"If you post process, it doesn't mean that you haven't learned the equipment or your style. In fact some who post process know their equipment intimately knowing very well the bounds of the tools available to them.

Also, post processing predates digital by a long way. Are those who dodged and burned in the darkroom not real photographers, or photographers with extra skill sets?

If you take what you can get out of in camera jpeg as a strict constraint, that means that you have accepted the choices your camera's engineers made for prioritising highlights, shadows, saturation etc. Even if you're a 100% manual shooter, you have accepted that you're going to let the camera make a lot of decisions on processing for you.

If you shoot raw and post process, you are no less of a photographer because of it. If you choose an in camera preset or film sim, again you have accepted someone else's choices for final processing.

If you have files from 2008 in low light, they look noisy because digital cameras sucked at low light in 2008. If you feed those old photos into software in 2023 that can recognise sensor noise and correct it with a high degree of accuracy, it doesn't mean that you didn't know how to use a camera in 2008. You may have just accepted noise as a trade-off for a reasonable exposure.

If you have a camera released this year and push iso in a difficult situation to get the shot rather than not, knowing that software in 2023 can correct sensor noise really well, it doesn't mean that you didn't learn your equipment. It could just mean that you know enough to get the shot rather than not."

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Melbourne Candid Series #362 Queen Vic Market


It is a good location for street snaps!

Directional lighting always helps with mood

Sony A7RV

FE 135mm f1.8 GM

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Sunday, June 18, 2023

Melbourne Candid Series #360 Elizebath St, Melbourne


I attempted 135mm fixed focal length to do a trial candid shoot in street. Quite a different perspective. The folks in camera club often told me not to use telephoto lenses in street photography.

Sony A7RV

FE 135mm f1.8 GM

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Melbourne Candid Series #352 Fitzroy St


I used to love sharp images. As I grow older, I don't mind motion blur that much anymore. After all, I don't sell the photos anyway. 

Sony A7RIV

FE 24mm f1.4 GM

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